At Chagall Design Ltd., we work with you to create fully customized vestments, dalmatics, stoles, altar cloths, and more. Whether you are adapting an existing item or creating something completely new, we offer a wide variety of options and guidance to ensure that your creation lives up to your vision. To get a price quote or speak to someone about your custom design, please call our office at 1-800-947-7923.

Wide Selection of Fabrics

We stock a variety of fine fabrics imported from Europe. A selection of our fabric, banding, braiding, and lace is available to look at in theΒ FabricsΒ section of our website. To see our full selection, we welcome you to stop by our Los Angeles area office. We are also able to mail swatches if you are unable to visit us in person.

Some fabrics are available in any liturgical color, while others are only available in one. For this reason, many items shown on our website are only available in a limited selection of colors. If you like a particular item but it is unavailable in the color that you need, please call our office to inquire about other fabrics that may be substituted.

Styles to Match Yours

From gothic to monastic to Roman, from ample to narrow, from collars to sidebands, we can create a piece in any style to suit your needs and tastes.

Custom Embroidery

If there is a specific image that you would like to use, we are able to digitize and embroider custom designs onto your garment. If you have a general idea in mind but have not settled on anything specific, we also have a large library of already-created images for you to choose from.

Matching Vestments and Concelebration Sets

We are able to adapt our designs to produce matching sets of vestments, creating a coordinated look for your church and services.

Class Stoles

Celebrate your ordination with stoles created just for your class! We work with you and your diocese to create a set of ordination stoles that highlight the way that you have chosen to serve your church and your community.